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    1.What is the Land of Israel? - If all the hollows, and mountains of Israel to straighten it is-the whole world. (Torah)
  I do not doubt the fact that, having carried out the construction of Israel's Ship Canal, Israel launched a revolution in international relations and their welfare.
  In international relations, international community will have the unique option-modern canal in a civilized country, as well as participated in many joint industrial and trade relations.
  In his well-being - hitherto unheard-income countries, of course, will lead Israel to the well-being for all time.

  In other words: If all the hollows and mountains of Israel to straighten, ie, remove the soil from the mountain height of 600 m and 100-meter basin, converging to the Dead Sea, filled with water channel, then realized the attraction to this place around the world. Consequently, as a result of this world closer to Israel, and he will, as stated in the Torah - the whole world!

  2. Why that way, if it does not lead to the Temple?

  The great wisdom behind this is not a simple matter.
Since ancient times, has come to us understanding that the road is kind of cleared the construction, allowing no obstacles, the fastest to reach the target.
  The road connecting the towns and the villages. And in every village and every town was connected to the importance of more qualitative way. And in the center of convergence of all the most extensive and quality of roads need is a temple.
  The Christians have his, and Muslims have his.
  We Jews should care about restoring our Main Temple!

  Gone are the days when our temple destroyed then the Babylonians, the Romans!
  The book teaches that the Temple can be built when all the Jews of the world return to the Israel, when the Messiah will come!
  Today, I think, almost all the Jews here. Since those that do not set foot on the Israel, have that opportunity, spending a few hours. The development of communication and information such that they can follow up to the minute, for what is happening in the country of Israel.
  As for the Messiah, then He is not nothing but a whole Jewish people, who arrived in the land of Israel, packed academic education and knowledge to the envy of all the peoples of the world. Just the source - read the Torah must be just right!

  Based on all mentioned above, we continue to ask myself questions and answer them yourself:
"If the road that you have built, blue as the color of the flag of Israel, if this road all the peoples of the world have brought you a present of all that is produced,
  If you, the construction of this road, made of stone, taken from
Earth (over 55-ty billion m3), you can build a temple?
  Where does this road lead? "

  Then this road, yes, leads to the temple!

  I am sure, if you combine our knowledge, experience, and thus to understand that we - the driving force behind the people, we all get there. It is important to step by step, to find solutions and ways to overcome difficulties faced in the implementation of our project to move forward - to implement it - the road to the Temple - navigable channel, to a prosperous Israel!

  The man did nothing for the construction of the Temple, is guilty of its destruction.
(The Lubavitcher Rebe)
  The generation that did nothing for the construction of the Temple, there was nothing!
(The Book of Zohar)


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