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Dead Sea problems
How to save the Dead Sea?

(Photo by Konstantin Guterman)

  Dead Sea can imagine how - everything except a dead hard for him to submit. What is characteristic is the fact that it is sick. Human activities here were over half a century entails explicit consequences.
  The sea recedes at a dangerous pace, about 1 meter per year. Even remembering where beach bar located adjacent to the Hotel 10 years ago, shows that the level receded, but the depth has decreased by 10 meters. This is determined visually.

(Photo by Konstantin Guterman)

  Scientists of Israel, together with the Jordanian investigators are trying to identify the different phenomena that influence the Dead Sea and its region.
  The main problems facing the Dead Sea, due to increasing consumption of water in their homes, businesses and activities. But the main problem is the selection of water countries on whose territory the river runs. Jordan. As you know, the Jordan River Dead Sea helps to maintain your balance.
  Complicated problem and for large industrial plants that are in the south of the Dead Sea. On both sides of the border, the Israeli company Dead Sea Works and the Jordanian Arab Potash extract rare and precious minerals.
  In the cosmetics market as a small quantity of minerals mined in the Dead Sea.
  The problems of the water shortage in Israel have always been, but today this shortfall is most acute.
  Extraction of minerals in Jordan and in Israel, making a significant is contribution to the gross national product of both countries. Cease development at the Dead Sea is not easy.
  The Resort and recreational resorts of Israel at the Dead Sea, famous throughout the world for its unique natural mineral products, well are at a dangerous point of existence. The Israeli team of scientists conducting research, as we know, is developing a variety of plans to save the Dead Sea. One of the plans, which have begun to talk more about 10 years ago, involves the construction of a canal between the Red and Dead seas.
  Of course, the construction of the channel would be expensive, and, moreover, may entail a number of unknown effects that are associated with changes in the ecosystem. In the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, water gets through is specific flora and fauna, created in the process of mixing the waters of Lake Kinneret, which feed the Dead Sea, the small streams and seeps through the ground, rainwater.
  And of course, this flora has nothing to do with that which arises from the simple spillway of seawater into the Dead Sea.
  However, seem plausible that many, many years, the soil around the Dead Sea from - for all the above mentioned natural phenomena and human activities, more and more loses moisture, washed out and not filled.

(Photo by Konstantin Guterman)

  And in this connection I wish to recall that in implementing the project "Construction of the shipping channel in Israel" in the region will come about 6, 5 billion cubic meter water. This amount of water can not affect the improvement of ecology once desolate and arid parts of the desert Negev and the Dead Sea area. Vaporized, the water in the form of clouds, held by mountain range in significant quantities, condenses in the atmosphere, will continue to fall as
  Precipitation, previously absent in the area.
  Seeping through the earth strata, where there is sand, stone, clay, chalk and other components, the water will replenish underground reservoirs saline, fresh water. Vegetation along the canal will be capable of its root system to perceive the coastal moisture, which is typical for the coast all the oceans and seas. A person can accelerate greening of the region, by planting vegetation by artificial means.
  Abundance of sunlight in this area allows the use of a vast territory for the installation of solar power and get cheap desalination of sea water in quantities sufficient to irrigate the desert. And Caring for replenishing water from the Dead Sea scholars are controlled spillway water channel near the dam.
  Constructed there station laboratory will do this in evidence-based mode, through an artificially constructed body of water with desalinated water. If the volume of the reservoir spillway dam in the Dead Sea will be quite energy efficient, not difficult to construct the water turbine, which allows for this to generate electricity.
  Of course, all these business ideas need to connect the academic experts. I would not want to desire to get a lot of billions in profits earned by Israel since the start of operation of the shipping channel, in some way affected the deterioration of the ecology of the region. But populism in the evaluation of benefit - harm to the channel, may remove the very long term, if ever, a vital project.

(Photo by Konstantin Guterman)

  The examination must be thorough and scientifically sound. In the case of the project work of scientists - ecologists, hydrologists, ichthyology be for all time the existence of the navigable channel tightly linked to its exploitation.


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