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      Digging a canal removed a huge amount of soil, and in its place comes water.
  By my conservative estimate, desert Negev will get about 6, 5 billion cubic meters of water.

of the volume of soil excavated during the construction
of the channel bed and the volume of water filling the navigable channel.

  This amount of water can not affect the improvement of ecology once desolate and arid parts of the desert.
  Vaporized, the water in the form of clouds, held by mountains, in significant quantities are condensed in the atmosphere, will continue to fall as precipitation, previously absent in the area.
  Seeping through the earth strata, through sand, stone, clay, chalk and other components, the water will replenish underground reservoirs mineralized, filtered, almost fresh water.

  Vegetation along the canal will be capable of its root system to perceive the coastal moisture, which is typical for the coast all the oceans and seas. Man, however, may accelerate the planting of vegetation such an artificial way.
  The presence of an abundance of sunlight in this area allows the use of a vast territory for the installation of solar power and gets cheap desalination of sea water in quantities sufficient to irrigate the desert.
  Concerned for the replenishment of water from the Dead Sea, scientists are controlled spillway water channel near the dam. Built there station laboratory will do this in a scientifically sound mode.
  If the discharge from the dam into the Dead Sea will be quite energy efficient, not difficult to construct a water turbine, which allows for this to generate electricity.
  The movement of water in the channel because of the different heights of the Red and Mediterranean seas (Red Horizon above the Mediterranean at 9 m), is 1 knot (1.8 km / h) will be mixing of the water will the temperature difference and biological composition, which naturally attracts marine organisms, and fed them different species of fish. A huge attraction for the fish will appear with the advent of this new volume of water.
  Of course, all these business ideas need to connect the academic experts. I would not want to desire to get a lot of billions of dollars of profit in any way reflected in the deterioration of the ecology of the region.
  But populism in the evaluation of benefit - harm to the channel, may remove the very long term, if ever, a vital project.
The examination must be thorough and scientifically sound.
  In the case of the project work of scientists - ecologists, hydrologists, ichthyology is for all time the existence of the navigable channel tightly linked to its exploitation.

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