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What there is the Earth of Israel? - if all hollows,
and mountains of Israel to straighten, it is-All the

The Person, nothing made for construction of the
Temple, is guilty of its destruction.
(Rabbi from Liubavichy)

-What for that road if it does not conduct to the
-if the road which you have constructed, blue as
color of a flag if on this road all Nations of the world
have presented you everything that have made
-if you, at construction of this road, from a stone
taken from the ground, has constructed the Temple,
- Then this Road, Yes, conducts to the Temple!

Construction of a ship-canal in Israel.

(Commercial idea)

  When Supreme bequeathed Erez - Israel to Jews, It has named their selected people, having assigned that the huge responsibility on this People. It has ordered to learn a Torah and to observe traditions. But to study-does not mean continuously to read and cram by heart, so to apply according to studied.
  The Creator could not, having named People the Selected works to code it on eternal, stupidly repeated day by day, from year to year, from century to century, - citing of texts with what they sacred were, criticizing his and to jeers of all nations of the world.
  Having granted the ground of Israel to Jews, It knew, that, not looking at full absence in it what or minerals, People of Israel will guess the riddle incorporated by It, and at an o'clock when the doubt will confuse all nations of the world, will prove the especial once and for all.
  We are obliged to make this ground prospering and - to the present rich. The rich country? Rich people, and on the contrary. It would not be desirable to be engaged in empty rhetoric, but the fact remains the fact: for prosperity of the country stable sources of incomes should be created.
  The country cannot plan from year to year the budget focused on the donations of world Jewry and for simplification of burden of an economic situation periodically, but with a shameful constancy, to come back to a theme of increase of taxes, or turnings of social programs.
  Has burst an economic crisis. The markets have failed. And clever Jewish heads can offer nothing such that will cardinally change an economic situation.
  The present project was born not Thoughtlessly. The author has come to it after the long analysis of materials from set of sources. Studying history of the people of Israel, getting acquainted with statements of the ancient philosophers resulted in a Torah and other sacred Books, getting acquainted with weight of great projects, including history of a birth of Suez, Corinthian, Panama channels, the decision of the riddle put in the Sacred Earth Supreme came nearer. The last, turning point to start work on the project was the thought stated by Teodor Herzel in the novel "the Earth Promised" where he has declared that there will come time when in the Jewish state even through desert the ships will go instead of camels!
  Leaning against the received knowledge, a wide experience of the seafarer, an economic education, I have started the project. The result of the first predesigns amazes imagination! As a result of project realization "Buildings of the navigable sea channel", the state Israel will receive in treasury Unprecedented hitherto incomes. The people of Israel will have an opportunity to work and apply the knowledge on huge space of possibilities. In the country in times the budget will increase and possibilities for weight of social programs will open. Appear unprecedented before a way of the decision of the Palestine-Israeli opposition.
  And after all right now, at the moment of the world crisis, at the moment of general confusion, there has come time of reconsideration of our position in the world, an exit from an economic crisis and long-term stagnation.
  One of economy organic laws consists that creation in the country of conditions favorable for investments; by all means conducts to those investments will not keep it waiting. And at the moment of the world economic crisis when holders huge Finances search for such, global projects, as offered here, demanding multi-billion injections, and guaranteeing return to investors of the enclosed means with profit, simply find. And to miss this, given Supreme chance, would be an inexcusable error. The organic law sane beings, - to study on good examples and not to miss the chance, and, acquiring knowledge, it is obligatory to apply them in the ability to live, to use the best efforts, to follow to the treasured purpose? To perfection, helping the people and the country with their aspiration to lifting, well-being, the world and independence!


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