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Military-political aspect
    Without pretending to the title of a military expert, I reason is simple:
  - We have very strong and efficient army in the Middle East,
  - We have the most advanced design, aircraft and tanks,
  - Our troops are very high motivation.
  Enumerate the dignity of the Israeli war machine can be long and more professionally than I did it, an ordinary economist and captain of the commercial fleet (Deep Sea Captain).
  But let's look at our stand from the side. Restricted area does not allow Israel to have an absolute guarantee of security in the event of a serious war. We must not forget that the students of military academies in many disciplines, not friendly countries, students from Palestine and Lebanon, learn and improve their military knowledge, learn from mistakes made, and quite possibly dream of the Blitzkrieg.
  We won the Six day war, won the Yom Kippur War. We shelled out a bit during the intifada, a little, a little more - in most intifada. We conducted reconnaissance in force in Lebanon and showed that we can break up a hostile country for a few days. We have shown the strength and well-conducted operation "Molten Lead" in Gaza.
  But every time we obviously felt like melting resources and the question arises in me, both in a kaleidoscope, the Government on budget cuts, including the army.
  Perhaps such a military confrontation enough for a long time. Or maybe not.
Surely we have in the vaults of the "new Sharons" ...
  But what if the enemy wills "Zhukov", for example, the new Hitler - Ahmadinejad? And they unite with the five well "packaged" by money countries and to do it in complete silence? Satellites and reconnaissance work well not only in Israel! What will our valiant air force, if in a few minutes will be mutilated runways of all "secret" airports?
  How many missiles can shoot down unit "Patriot" in a minute, Ten, twenty, forty?
  And if they both fly a hundred, but without stopping during the day? ...
  I do not want to agree to the Apocalypse, I'm not typical. This is the inheritance of those who saw no way out.
  I did say: "Out there. It is obvious. And based on the integrated use of the army and modern means of social simulation and state-building ".
  It so happened that there Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Who not only denounces Israel for oppressing the "innocent civilians" in Gaza. Who is there not only muddies the people. We are constantly trying to determine which of the Palestinian terrorist organizations - less than a terrorist, to support her in the fight for the right to once again promote the people of the Palestinian Authority to fight the aggressor, Israel.
  Of course, the Army can solve some problems in resolving the situation in the Palestinian Authority, but it seems to me, only one, real-world scenario.
  In cooperation with the Americans (probably part of Australia, Japan, Germany and Canada), we must:
  1. How can be quickly put in the Gaza governor-general.
  2. Legalize in Gaza demilitarized zone.
  -Interim Administration to issue a decree for the surrender of all weapons (including cold).
  -allocate a special budget, based on intelligence data, for the generous
  Proportional to encourage sit-arms and informants.
  3.In all schools to appoint teachers, prepared from citizens participating in the program developed countries, Arab and Palestinian descent. Specialists, vetted for loyalty to the participating countries, committed to the modern human values.
  4. In mosque imams to pick up, serving the peace towards religion.

  5. Help to open factories and workshops, equipped with modern equipment, capable of producing a peaceful, competitive product, including cement and iron-processing is not big factories.
  Following the measures taken, and began work on the construction of Israel's shipping channel, to recruit specialists and workers from Gaza and the entire Palestinian Authority in good conditions, wages, corresponding to the best European standards.
  The vast majority of the Palestinian Authority, ultimately, evaluates the actions of Israel and the countries - participants, on in dignity.
  When in the life of the people appear less dramatic change when the work will be a joy, and new social conditions and new opportunities - to the envy of many inhabitants of the Arab countries. When the establishment of autonomy deals with the device of a new institution of life. I do not think that the fathers of families receiving so many benefits to his day off, for the sake of diversity, will take up arms.
  In the morning they go to work, which they have recently and could not even dream.

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