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About site
    The site has begun the work on September, 22nd 2009 with the domain

  From administration: Is an independent site of the author of the project”Ship canal building in Israel” Yuri Dedov - Goldman and its adherents, it is primary, in Russian and English and later will translate to Ivrit.

The purpose of creation of a site:

  - By possibility comprehensively to acquaint people with the project, to find adherents, the experts, capable to bring the mite in addition to the stated;
  - to try to popularize a theme lifted in the project and to force politicians to turn more a close attention that exists not simply alternatives to eternal military opposition, and a way or if want, the decision cardinally changing a situation both in the state Israel and Palestinian autonomy, and in all Middle East;
  - Search of potential investors and patrons of art;

  The site is opened for all people, capable to read, think, easy to make comments, whenever possible creatively to react to all information placed here.

  On a site it is possible to find the all-round information connected with the maintenance of the project:

  - the Economic review;
  - historical inquiries;
  - the review of engineering and economic miscalculations in operation of Suez canal;
  - the review of advantages of the Israeli project;
  - Arguments;
  - ecological aspect;- politic aspect;
  - the review of problems of the Dead Sea;
  - the topical news anyhow corresponding to a theme of a site, a forum where it is possible to ask questions to offer, argue, prove the point of view, i.e. freely to communicate on the themes close to the project, or projects which naturally will appear, in the course of preparation for building of the Israeli sea ship canal.

  The administration is ready to listen to any offers on cooperation and improvement of work of a site.


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Ecological improvements in the regionon

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Any help, both the organizations, and private persons, in any kind, somehow placing of a banner of our site, the reference to the Internet resources on our site, financial donations, would render the invaluable help in acceleration of introduction Of our project for the blessing both the Israel, and the countries of the Near East.
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