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September 16, 2009 - seminar at Ashdod House Science and Technology. According to the participants the project is global in scope, capable, in crisis circumstances, attract foreign investment to unprecedented size, to provide thousands of jobs for many years which drastically increase the state budget, improve the environment of the south, to promote the development of the Negev. The protocol states that the workshop considered it necessary to immediately collect the competent representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Trade to prepare the relevant recommendations of the Prime - Minister.
 July 21, 2009 - Seminar in Jerusalem House of Technology on the theme "Building the shipping channel in Israel." Protocol recommended the immediate implementation of the project sent to leader of the Israel: the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau. Continue to work.
 From 2003 to present - looking for investors. 5, publications in the press. On 3 radio broadcast. One 15-minute broadcast on the 9 th channel of the Israeli television. So far without success.
2003 - project "Coastal high-speed passenger transportation in Israel" was approved by the Ministry of Transport, with the issuance of technical conditions for the project.

2000 - Drafted the "Building of the shipping channel in Israel" and to implement, has sent copies to leaders of the country: Avigdor Lieberman, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Ben Elieyzer.

August 1999 - started the preparation of projects: "Coastal high-speed passenger transportation in Israel" and "Sea shipping canal in Israel."
 June 1999 - the deputy of Knesset mr. Mikhail Nudelman held talks with the leadership of the Union naval officers on the need to change the concept of Israel's sea and on cooperation in the preparation of a feasibility study to lobby for legislation in the Knesset.
nullFrom 26.05.1999: - In Israel. Preparing and carrying out the project “High-speed coastal passenger transportations” through the office in the ministry of transport of Israel. The private project, searching investors. Have 5 publications in press. 3 radio broadcasts. 15 minute television broadcast on channel 9 of the Israeli TV. I continue working.

nullNovember, 1996 - February, 1997: - Captain of the motor ship "Alexandre" under the flag Cambodia (Ship owner “Dipson-Investments. Ltd.), tramping between the ports of the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.
May - September, 1996: - Captain of the dry-cargo motor ship “Poor” (ship owner - "Sibnek" Co. Ltd.), tramping across the Baltic.
June - October, 1995: - chief mate of the motor ship "Baltiyskiy - 40".
nullApril, 1994: - Captain of the sea towboat "Petropavlovsk". Towages in the Baltic Sea.
nullFebruary, 1993: - Captain of the sea towboat "Baltiysk". The White and Barents Seas. Towages.
nullJune, 1989: - June, 1989: Captain of motor ship "RT-761", accepting the ship from the building factory in Tyumen and transporting it from the Ob River to the Yenisey River with a convoy.
null August, 1988: - chief mate of the tanker "Lenaneft". Convoying under leading of the nuclear ice breakers to the Far East. Before the flight defended and received a diploma in Economics and Organization of Water Transport in the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport Engineers.
July, 1987: - 2nd mate of the sea towboat "Baltiysk". Complex towages via the Northern seaway during all the navigation
September, 1986: - 2-nd mate of the sea towboat "Aleksandrovsk". Convoying from port of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur to Arkhangelsk via the Northern seaway. Towing of complex objects from port of Khabarovsk to port of Novy Port on the Ob River.
March, 1986: - getting employed with hard efforts in Expedition of Special Sea Convoys (Leningrad group), position - boatswain.
nullDecember, 1979 - 1981: - chief mate of the training ship "Rumb". In the "Base" the purge occurred, my heads were dismissed who were engaged directly in us the seamen and whom I indefinitely respected. Having solidarity I retired, lost the visa and any prospects.
May, 1979: 2 - nd mate of the Super-trawler "Captain Grigory Ovodovsky".
March, 1979: - entering the institute of water transport, faculty of Economics and Management of Water Transport, department of navigation staff.
nullFebruary, 1979: - appointment of the senior controller in service of fleet operation of the enterprise "Lenrybprom".
nullSeptember, 1977: - 2nd mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Krasnoputilovets". Accepting the ship in port Gdansk (Poland) after major overhaul, and then 175 day-navigation in the Southwest Atlantic - Falkland Islands with the subsequent replacement of the crew in Havana (Cuba).
December, 1976: - 3-rd mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Perekat". 1 month -fishery in the Northwest Atlantic, 2 month-fishery in the Central East Atlantic, 1 month work in the Northeast Atlantic. The rest of the time - crossing Atlantic up and down, because of a worthless management of fishery of the Base Authority.
nullMay, 1976: - 4th mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Pskov". 175 day - navigation. 5 month-fisheries in English Channel, the Bay of Biscay and Bristol Channel. Transition to the Gulf of Guinea for replacement, the state of Massias – Ngemo - Bijogo.
August, 1975:
- 4-Th mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Tolbachik". 163 day -navigation to the Northwest Atlantic, fishery.
September, 1974: - employment in Leningrad Base of Ocean fishing fleet.
1974. June-July: - military training at large antisubmarine ship "Red Crimea".
nullMay, 1974: - finishing the Nautical School and passing the final examinations.
October, 1973 - January, 1974: - field study on the training fishery ship "Kurs"
October 1972 - January 1973: - sailor practice on maritime transportation Refrigerator "Matros Koshka" port of Sevastopol. Flight to fish in the Central Eastern Atlantic Ocean

 May, 1972: - seafaring practice on the sea tugboat - Rescuers «Vaigach», the port of Kerch.


null  1971 September: passed the entrance examinations as "excellent" and received a certificate of admission to students of the Odessa Marine College, according to order No 1- "Maritime Navigation".


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