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Karstic funnels.
  Unfortunately, to water level reduction in the Dead Sea one more misfortune was added: karstic funnels. Karstic funnels it is result of deterioration of ecological conditions.
  The water level is reduced; fresh water washes away benthonic, underground deposits of minerals. There are cavities and the craters which diameter can reach several metres.
   People and animals can get to these craters, and also they can cause damage to nearby highways, hotels and factories. Which - who from the Israeli scientists in cooperation with German colleagues have developed a seismological microscope for that definition where there will be a following karstic funnel in the Dead Sea. The problem of karstic funnels was widely adopted approximately in 1995, and in 2002 the government of Israel has charged to scientists to find the decision of this problem. Today the Israeli, American, Jordanian, Palestinian scientists and graduates of HIGH SCHOOLS take part in researches of the Dead Sea. Researches unite geophysicists, geologists, seismologists, archeologists and experts in geotectonics both natural disasters and the atmospheric phenomena. At a seminar of
   Russian-speaking scientists in the Jerusalem house of technologies on July, 21st, 2009 where the seminar was held on problems of the Dead Sea, I have heard opinion of some scientists co-operating with group of the Russian scientists, engaged in search of free hydrogen (it is considered that such cannot be). In their opinion, there is a suspicion that karstic funnels, that other as places where they were formed, were hydrogen congestions. And микро explosion has affected their formation. Scientists assert that if the unique fact of a finding underground around the Dead Sea, hydrogen will prove to be true, on the commercial importance, such deposit much more will surpass oil pools.
  It is possible to argue, it is possible to disagree, but, it appears, there is a possibility it easily to confirm or deny. Someone from them supports scientific contacts to the Russian scientists who for a long time are engaged in researches in the field of hydrogen. By them it is invented, patented and the device allowing quickly is used in practice and effectively to conduct authentic search and the analysis of presence of hydrogen in similar with conditions considered on the Dead Sea. Russians have declared. That all operation on inspection: the supply and operation of the devices invented by them, will occupy no more than 2 months, and manages in 60 thousand dollars.
  The question is opened, the meeting with government officials, for reception of the permission to the given inspection and financing is expected.
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