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Pure economy!
Not World Crisis!- Stabilization!

Yuri Goldman (Dedov)

  15.03.2009 On a site under such name my article consisting of 3 parts has been published. In first 2 parts I described the vision on an origin of the World Economic crisis. But, it’s most actual part - 3rd, me looks rather pertinent for the publication here. That is characteristic, so it is the universality, the approach described in it to an exit of economy from crisis not only Israel, but also all countries.

The part 3 "Preventive maintenance of anti-recessionary measures how the way to stabilization"

  That should be undertaken today that the country has not entered into a crisis state? Imagine, it is completely not difficult, only political will and trust to experts - to professionals is required.

  1. The government should arm with strategy at which an economic shock of economic to turn on advantage to the country.

  Leading experts assume that economically the time of troubles should last by different estimations, from 1st till 3th years.
  The world holder of capitals in a panic from search of an investment of the money in the large-scale projects, allowing not increasing greatly, so at least them to keep. In such situation vital to create all conditions for investments into the Israeli projects of foreign capitals.
  To lower till the minimum sizes taxes to the investment companies, ready to put up money in the Israeli economy.
  The projects, capable to involve foreign investments, should be global on the scales, allowing to provide the country for long times with the solid income, inhabitants workplaces, to provide to the country military and economic safety.
  Undoubtedly, it is possible to carry solar power stations, sea water-desalinating installations, building to those projects a trance of the Israeli ship canal between Red and Mediterranean by seas, start along coast of Israel of modern tourist and passenger navigation.

  2. The government should interfere urgently with the mechanism of purchase and delivery in the country of oil and mineral oil at real market cost.
  3. The government should do the utmost to translate country power stations on liquid fuel or gas.
  4. The government should pass urgently the law on decrease in taxes, encouraging development of small and average business, to create conditions for support existing of businesses, including to pass laws on pension for businessmen, about possibility of pledge of the property belonging to business, in banks etc.
  5. To work together with the Union of businessmen of the country and with support of trade unions.

  Listed actions all above should have the emergency character allowing all structures of the country to provide fast global support for success. As a result of a complex above the listed measures, the country not only will not feel influence of world crisis on our economy, but also will turn to succeeding power.

  Actions of businesses and corporations during the given period should be accurately counted, corresponding to a situation in economic. Heads of the enterprises should be released urgently from not realized made production by considerable decrease in its cost and sales.

  The business management should direct the money obtained from sales on fast re-equipment of manufacture which in the shortest terms will allow to let out better and inexpensive production. Confirming to this recommendation I can give an example, as some giants of economic arrive.
  - Factory "Volkswagen" declared depreciation of production in 2 times, having started advertising dodge that if the client buys two cars it pays only half of their cost.
  - Factory "Chevrolet" has made as a matter of fact, the same.
  - The Government of Dubai within a year involved foreigners to put up money in the real estate. Falling of the prices for oil has not confused him. Today it is declared that cost of apartment from 1 million dollars is not simply lowered to 600 thousand, but, bought it the gift-2 room apartment in the prestigious house and area is made.
  The recommendation to holders of large actives: there is a possibility to keep your means in that face value to which they correspond today. There is a possibility to sell them under the good price? - Sell. To put up the obtained money today in gold it is not actual. Invest them in modern projects, open business in the perspective direction guaranteeing output to which in the market has not enough or not at all, or that which quality and preference under the price will be doubtless. The same concerns and to businesses on rendering of services to the population. Do what while others have not guessed and if have guessed, find possibility to do the same, but is better and cheaper. The success to you is guaranteed. If in enterprise warehouses the goods considerable quantity has accumulated, it should be thrown out in sale. And the obtained means should be directed on the fast and qualitative re-equipment of manufacture allowing in the shortest terms to let out Production capable to compete in the market and to keep the personnel.


So, summing up to this article, it is necessary to draw a conclusion:

  If in the country the government is professional, will operatively execute the necessary steps described above, will pass necessary laws and will track their steady performance, and The business, the governments assured of support as will continue the activity by the rules dictated by come realities, any crisis to the country not threat. We will meet tomorrow, as day of clarification after prolonged stagnation.

We will quickly be convinced that there is no crisis, and there is stabilization and blossoming.

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