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The project of a century!
 The world will come nearer to Israel, and it becomes, as is told in a Torah, - All World!
  The person who has conceived this project is familiar too much. In ours city there is no person, which not know the owner of a small Bar-Restaurant “Captain”, and a jeweler- owner of workshop, know many. Sociable, affable, possessing an extensive knowledge in many areas, “in Antecedents” - Passed all scale of ranks of officers of merchant fleet to the Master. The licenses of the rank “Deep Sea Captain” in a frame it is proud hangs in a prominent place at restaurant which and is called” The captain”.
  Who is not familiar- Get acquainted: Yuri Dedov - Goldman. As well as at all of us who have arrived to Israel with ”Big Oliha”, with the ideas and world vision, desire to be arranged on a new place and to succeed, at it then, special sight at a life accomplishment. Well-being and prosperity Yuri sees not in the trifles giving even good profits, and in the projects, able to raise well-being of a city and, even the countries.   Already it is a lot of years, it almost alone punches economically well-founded project “Sea high-speed passenger transportations of Israel”, including, except connection of seaside cities of Israel, also hundreds well paid workplaces.   I know mr. Dedov-Goldman it is a lot of years, and all these years he with an enviable stubbornness tries to punch walls of misunderstanding and bureaucracy, unwillingness to help, break the settled, silly stereotypes of type: “Jews in the sea will rock to sleep” Etc.
  Before elections, all like has moved off dead centre when only laziest of candidates in mayors, did not offer Yuri and its project the help and support. Beni Vaknin, then still the candidate on a rank of the mayor, on Ashkelon’s “Marina”, showed us a place; high-speed catamarans will depart whence in Tel Aviv and Haifa.
  Yuri receives all corresponding permissions the ministry of transport of Israel and assurance of comprehensive support by candidates in mayors and deputies of different levels…”And things are right where they started”…
  We sit with it in its cozy Bar “Captain”. I who at all have forgotten about cooled down coffee, and it with great feeling telling about the idea of all life, about revolution in a life of Israel, a reorganization and the new concept in the politician of the Middle East. He tells about the project of creation of the SHIP CANAL connecting Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea, from coast of Ashkelon to Port of Eilat (!), as alternative to Suez canal!

  Misters! Only do not shout at once that it is delirium! I too so thought. I too, have found at once one thousand reasons on which it will not allow to make.

  On it then have dispersed, but Yuri would not be Yuri Goldman if, after a while has not shown me the first theoretical and economic estimations of the project (at Yuri is also the higher economic education). Further, as they say- It will more. On light there was a document “Building of the navigable punished in Israel”, where methodically and intelligibly, step by step, it is proved economic (expressed in astronomical figures) benefit, geopolitical aspects and navigating advantages of this project are mentioned.

  But there is more to come! Fidget Yuri purposefully punched and acquainted with the project everything, seeming interested to instance. The help has come from “The Ashkelon’s scientifically-technological hothouse”, located in a distance of 20 meters from restaurant “Captain”, and headed by the deputy of city council Alik Soltanovich.

  Having appreciated the project, Alik Soltanovich has addressed to the party leader “Our House Israel”, to Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman. Having got acquainted with the project, the minister recommended it to consideration in created by it “The home of technologies”. The invitation to Scientific and technical council of the Jerusalem House of technologies, has not kept itself waiting long, and recently, Yuri Dedov - Goldman has gone to Jerusalem, to protect the child before scientific minds.
  The report has passed very successfully to what the conclusion of Scientific and technical council and the recommendation of consideration of the project at the governmental level testify. The commission report - Before you, dear sirs.

The report
of consideration of the project of Jury Dedova (Goldman)
“A substantiation of necessity of building of the Israeli ship canal (economic, ecological and military-political aspects)”


Reviewers: Dr. Anatoly Kachan, Dr. Moisej Komsky

  The Scientific and technical council of the Jerusalem House of technologies marks:
  1. The project contains economic, ecological and political validity of building of the channel.
  2. The presented material testifies to good technical study of the offer.

  The Scientific and technical council of the Jerusalem House of technologies considers:
  1. The presented material is only engineering idea which realization is connected, first of all, with necessity of acceptance of the political decision at the state level.
  2. The ecological, economic and engineering estimation of idea of building of the trans-Israeli ship canal should be made the corresponding specialised organisations.

  Avraam Sharnopolsky,- Direktor of Home of technologies.

  It is clear that it only the beginning, the first short step, but this proof of that consecutive purposefulness bears fruit also those who do not lower hands, achieve the object.
  Using old friendship, I have decided to set to Yuri some questions. A question the first, traditional: “How you have reached such life”,- “You understand, we are obliged to make this earth prospering and on - the present rich. The rich country- Rich people, and on the contrary.
  It would not be desirable to be engaged in empty rhetoric, but the fact remains: for country prosperity stable sources of incomes should be created. The country cannot plan from year to year the budget focused on the donations of world Jewry and for simplification of burden of an economic situation periodically, but with a shameful constancy, to come back to a theme of increase of taxes, or turnings of social programs.   Building of a sea ship canal in Israel will bring to the country milliard profits, the WORLD and independence!
  The standard of living of simple citizens, such as I and you, and even indirectly not participating in the project will repeatedly rise! Many, the arrival here, on the Promised Land, justified a phrase “We have arrived because of children”. Whether so it is true care of children, grandsons, and the future generations? Whether it is a way to truth, I have asked: “How you see yourself in the given project?”- “To be at the beginnings of such bulk, to be among fathers” Founders, it is a great honor and I perfectly understand how many ahead of difficulties, work and obstacles, till that time, when on horizon there will be an army of tractors and dredges what to begin excavations. Any role occupied with me in this project - is prestigious”.

  From myself I will advise to all: to engineers, scientific, to ecologists, seamen and all to whom the future of Israel is not indifferent to familiarize with in detail of the project and to make the observations about it or in comments on a site, or in personal meeting with the author of the project.

  Konstantin Guterman, - administrator and owner of Site

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