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  01.11.2015 - An Israeli Suez Canal

*Talk about channel without me - the author of the project. But still nice!

Israel can change the world of shipping, and erase its desert.

In ... Read »

  24.01.2010 - The navigating channel (?) in Nikaragua !

Nicaragua has suggested the Russian Federation
to participate in ship canal building.

(On Januar ... Read »

  29.12.2009 - Pure economy!

Not World Crisis!- Stabilization!

Yuri Goldman (Dedov)

  15.03.2009 On a site www.a ... Read »

  20.12.2009 - Scandal!

Double standards of Wikipedia.

(Anti-Semitism Grimaces)

  Who does not know today t ... Read »

  09.12.2009 - Navigable canals.

The Corinth Canal.

(Corinthia Peloponnese Greece)

  The famous Corinth Canal, whic ... Read »

  27.10.2009 - Sensation!

!لفصل الثالث: قناة البحر الميت "الإسرائيلية".. نظرة على الخطر

The Dead Sea "in Israeli" - clear danger!
(Adapted from Egyptia ... Read »

  25.10.2009 - Panic at arabi street.

سرائيل تبحث تنفيذ قناة بديلة لقناة السويس
Israel is considering an alternative to the Suez Canal!

Osama Fouad - The owner ... Read »

  24.10.2009 - Chat to replenish the Dead Sea?

Suspicions and doubts!

Author: إسماعيل منتصر | Ismail Montaser (Cairo)

  I am very p ... Read »

  01.10.2009 - Considerable step forward!

עמותה "בית טכנולוגיה ומדע באשדוד" (ע"ר)
רח' הראשונים 43 ת.ד 272 אשדוד 77240
טל: 0503013865
16/09/2009 Ashdod

... Read »

  30.09.2009 - Navigable canals.

  In many places the ancient trail laid canals - the artificial river, which are much reduce the length of the waterway, allowing the courts to move quickly from one river to another ... Read »

  28.09.2009 - The story of the Israel’s seaman.

The Israel's seamen: "the Ukrainian officials it is more terrible than pirates!"

10.05.2009 Shimon Brima ... Read »

  26.09.2009 - Incident: "Hold the channel more widely!"

Serj Ryjkin (”Comersant”-magazine)

The Russian tanker has got stuck and has corked Suez Canal, cut off Europe from the Arabian oil - Oil will jump ... Read »

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