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Actual news
  28.09.2009 - The story of the Israel’s seaman.

The Israel's seamen: "the Ukrainian officials it is more terrible than pirates!"

10.05.2009 Shimon Brima ... Read »

  26.09.2009 - Incident: "Hold the channel more widely!"

Serj Ryjkin (”Comersant”-magazine)

The Russian tanker has got stuck and has corked Suez Canal, cut off Europe from the Arabian oil - Oil will jump ... Read »

  24.09.2009 - Russia-Iran, cooperation...

... Providing building of a ship canal. (It is printed in reduction)

  Considerable success on a way of the Russian-Iranian cooperation is participation ... Read »

  23.09.2009 - The situation review in strait of Ormuz.

  Situation vision by the Russian experts (Adm.)

  Difficult, frequently the disputed questions caused by persevering and consecutive realization Islamic republic of Iran of th ... Read »

  23.09.2009 - The Earth of contention.

War to the war.

Shmuel Katz.

  From the Administration: Proposed your attention the ... Read »

  22.09.2009 - Karstic funnels.

  Unfortunately, to water level reduction in the Dead Sea one more misfortune was added: karstic funnels. Karstic funnels it is result of deterioration of ecological conditions.
... Read »

  21.09.2009 - The project of a century!

 The world will come nearer to Israel, and it becomes, as is told in a Torah, - All World!
  The person who has conceived this project is familiar too much. In ours city there is no person ... Read »

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